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Why We Kicked Off Our Phoenix Christian Business Directory

Hey there, Christian! So, why did we decide to start a Phoenix Christian Business Directory? Well, there’s at least three reasons, really. We, the co-founders, have four kids and stuff breaks around the house all the time. We kept saying ‘I wish we knew someone on Team Jesus who could help us fix this.” Second, we want to help fellow christians who own businesses get MORE business. Third, this is a Christian-owned business, we’re hoping to make some money to provide for our family — just like you do in your business, hopefully. Remember that old quote “if you help enough people, you’ll get what you want…” — however, we’re intentionally keeping the cost low… so we have to help a LOT of people to afford living these days.

Here’s Everything You’ve Been Dying to Know About the Phoenix Christian Business Directory

What exactly is the Phoenix Christian Business Directory?

Our directory, called on Team Jesus, is so much more than a website with Christian-owned businesses… but it’s not less than that! But seriously, it’s a site where you can find Christian businesses in Phoenix and surrounding areas owned by fellow Christians. From plumbers who pray before unclogging a toilet to insurance companies that give some of their profit to their local church on Sunday, it’s all here. It’s not just a ‘Christian Business Directory’; it’s a mission. First step, we’ve gotta add businesses, next, we’re going to meet Christians where their at in order to encourage them to do what Galatians 6:10 says – be kind to all people ESPECIALLY those that are ‘on Team Jesus’ (paraphrased).

How do you make sure businesses are legit “Christian”?

Great question! We’re not just letting anyone slap a fish sticker on their window and call it a day. We chat with the owners, and their pastor to understand their mission. It’s all about who they are and what they believe… we’re not claiming that these businesses are perfect – duh! We’ve got a small set of Christian Affirmations, and members are required to well… affirm them.

Can any ‘ol business join our Phoenix Christian Business Directory, or is it super exclusive?

It’s not like you need a secret handshake or anything. We call it ‘lovingly-exclusive’. It’s a Christian Business Directory… so we’re looking to have real, devout, faithful, Jesus-loving Christians. If you’re a Christian business owner in Arizona looking to connect with like-minded customers, hit us up!

Is there a cost to being listed in the directory?

Look, we gotta keep the lights on somehow, right? There’s a small fee to join, currently just 19 bucks. You’re not just paying for a listing – you’re supporting a cause – we like to say “Help us help you” (Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire). Plus, we work out some cool benefits for our members, too. Here’s one example, if you follow us on Facebook, we will follow you back, and we’ll like or share posts that we like or want to share. We just started in January – so don’t play the devil’s advocate and make fun of us for only having 30 followers.

How can customers trust the businesses listed in the directory?

Because we do our homework, that’s why! We’re not just throwing names in a hat. We ‘investigate’ each business owner to ensure they live up to Christian values in their lives. How? It’s kinda like at the wedding when someone says “does anyone have any reason why guy and girl shouldn’t get married…” – We ask people for a personal and church references and call them. We’re not trying to dig up dirt on anyone, and we certainly don’t want details… we know that the first step to being a Christian is admitting your a sinner — instead we ask their friend and pastor “hey, is so-and-so a decent person… can you think of any reasons why they don’t belong on a Christian Business Directory?” To date, we haven’t had to reject anyone… but we would… lovingly, then we’d share the Gospel with them.

Is on Team Jesus the “official” Phoenix Christian Business Directory?

Uh… nope. It’s just like when you’re out of town and someone asks you where you’re from… and you say “Phoenix” even though you actually live in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Queen Creek, or Mesa… you get it, right?! We’re the Christian Business Directory for the “greater Phoenix area”.

So… what’s next?! Join the Phoenix Christian Business Directory Movement!

Alright, peeps, here’s the deal – If you’re a Christian business owner in Phoenix, you’re gonna wanna be part of this. And if you’re a customer who digs the idea of supporting businesses that align with your faith, then what are you waiting for? The Phoenix Christian Business Directory is more than just names and numbers. It’s about creating a community, supporting each other, and making sure our values shine bright in everything we do.

So, whether you’re looking to list your business or just in need of a service that feels like home, hop on board. Let’s make the Phoenix Christian Business Directory the biggest, baddest, most blessed directory out there. Because when we come together, amazing things happen. Join us, and let’s keep the money in the family… the family of CHRISTIANS.

Well… don’t just sit there; be part of something bigger. The Phoenix Christian Business Directory is waiting for you. Let’s do this, fam! Boom goes the dynamite!

P.S. Why is this blog written like this?! We got a tip from a Christian SEO Company that this ‘style’ works the best.