Christian Businesses Directory FAQs

This page will address some of the most frequently asked questions about on Team Jesus – Christian Business Directory.  If you have any additional questions, or comments about these ones, feel free to contact us.

Why Start Another Christian Business Directory?

As a father of four, I often have something in my house that breaks, or I want to upgrade. My experience and background are in software development and digital marketing, and I don’t really have a lot of experience fixing things around my house. Since I don’t want to cause more harm than good, I often think to myself, “I wish I knew someone on Team Jesus that could help me with this issue.” I’m well aware that other Christian business directories exist, but I was surprised that I had never really heard of any, or none of my friends had ever really used them or recommended them to me. So, I decided to create a Christian business directory with a goal of not just supporting and benefiting Christian businesses but also spending my time, effort, energy, and money making Christians aware of the fact that there is an alternative to simply choosing the first result that shows up on Google.

Additionally, I’m a busy person, and I don’t always have time to do research on, say, three or four different plumbers. If I knew that a plumber loved Jesus and valued the Ten Commandments, i.e., “thou shall not lie,” then it gave that plumber extra points. I’m not saying that Christian plumbers are always the best, but I am saying that knowing someone also loves Jesus is just as good as receiving a personal recommendation from a friend or family member that has tried them.

How does listing in a Christian Business Directory benefit my business?

Listing your Christian-owned business in our directory will benefit you in many ways. First is that it’s yet another place that your website can show up online. If you know anything about online marketing, it’s generally true that more is better. So, the more places your business shows up online, the better. We’re not recommending that you take your business off Google or stop advertising in other places like Yelp, etc., because we’ve made the monthly membership extremely affordable. It should not be any burden to join our Christian business directory as well. Secondly, just like with me, some people may see that you’re on a Christian business directory, and that might be enough for them to choose your company for their solution. Additionally, being a part of this business directory will help us help you. Meaning, we’re not here to make a lot of money off any one Christian business, but if hundreds or even thousands of businesses join, it will give us the funds to really promote the idea of keeping the money within the family. This means that we can share with other Christians that when you’re about to make a purchasing decision, you should at least consider if there are any Christian businesses that could be blessed by your business.

Are there any criteria my business must meet to be listed?

We are well aware that the only ones who know if you’re truly a Christian is yourself and God. We are lovingly looking to stay exclusive with our community and only invite people that genuinely love Jesus Christ. Our current process for “vetting members” is to ask them to affirm simple doctrinal beliefs about Christianity. We are aware that some of our affirmations purposely alienate those of so-called Christian religions that aren’t actually Christian, specifically Mormonism and Catholicism. It’s the belief of the founding team that there are individuals in these groups that may, in fact, love Jesus; the groups themselves have teachings that go directly against what the Bible says. Generally speaking, we are looking for businesses that do a great job and are owned by people that love Jesus.

Is there a cost associated with listing my business in the directory?

At the time of this posting, it is currently $19 a month to be listed on our Christian business directory. We have intentionally priced this so low that it should not be a burden for any Christian business owner. If, in fact, this amount is truly a burden for a Christian business owner, we would be flexible and work with that individual to come up with something that is mutually beneficial. There is absolutely no cost for an individual using this service to find a Christian business. The plan is that there will always be no charge, but in the future, we may add benefits to paying consumers, such as discounts or other special offers.

Can non-Christian businesses join the directory?

So, to be clear, our business directory is less about the business and more about the owners. We are not looking for traditional faith-based businesses to join, such as churches or other ministries, but instead, we are looking for any business owner who loves Jesus and provides a good or service. So, for example, if you’re a pest control company founded by someone who is a Christian, or a housecleaning company owned by someone that loves the Lord, you are invited to join our Christian business directory. To ensure that our Christian business directory remains a safe place, we may at some point turn down certain businesses that may, in fact, be owned by Christians through prayer and much consideration.

How can customers find my business in the directory?

Right now, we have Christian-owned businesses separated by areas. We have chosen to start with the great state of Arizona because that is where we live, but if the Lord wills, we are hoping that this becomes a national Christian business directory in the future. At present, a user can simply review a single page that has multiple categories on it to find a Christian business that they are looking for. In the not too distant future, we are planning on overhauling the website to include things such as searches by ZIP Code or category.

What type of businesses can be listed in the directory?

We currently have businesses such as insurance brokers, HVAC and AC companies, website builders, and Christian SEO companies, plumbers, a hair salon, and more. We are looking to add virtually every kind of business there is.

What additional resources or benefits does the directory offer?

In the future, we are planning on offering only positive reviews from users. The thought is, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. We know that there could be issues with businesses that people like to complain about, but in an attempt not to be the comment police, we have decided to accept only positive reviews. This is something that we may be rolling out at the beginning of 2025, or possibly sooner, if the Lord wills.

How can I get the most out of my listing?

One of the things you can do to get more out of your listing on our Christian business directory is to link to it from your website. In the digital world, a link to our website increases our domain authority, which will benefit your website because then a site with high domain authority will be linking back to your website. In addition, if someone comes to your website and sees that you are a part of ‘on Team Jesus‘, there can be three possible outcomes: either that person decides to go with you because you’re on Team Jesus, they don’t care, or they decide not to go with your company because of your Christian association. Two of those three outcomes are positive, and if someone chooses not to go with your company simply because you love Jesus, this may save you some heartache.

What is the directory’s stance on inclusivity and diversity?

Our inclusivity and diversity would be the same or similar to God’s. We know that there are an incredible amount of diverse people in this world with different likes, desires, passions, struggles, etc. As we are a Christian business directory, we are concerned with keeping our community lovingly exclusive. We feel passionate about this. We hope to love all people and to be kind to all people, especially to those that believe.

How often do I need to update my listing?

We have chosen to keep the information you have listed on our business directory intentionally simple and straightforward. Meaning we don’t want there to be a need for you to have to change information often. Our goal is that they would find you on our website and then quickly go to yours. For this reason, we don’t put things on here like your working hours or any temporary specials that you might have. We put enough information for people to learn a little bit more about your company, and then the goal is that they would click from our website and learn more about your company from your website.