This is a personal letter from Brandt, the co-founder of on Team Jesus:

This Christian Business Directory was started in January of this year for three reasons. The first is a need, the second was an idea, and the third was another need.

I have four kids, and one wife — stuff breaks around our house all the time. Cabinets come off their hinges, doors don’t close all the way, toilets don’t flush – because my 3 year old put a toy in them, etc. Every time this happens, I’ve thought to myself, “I wish I could find someone ‘on Team Jesus’ to help me fix this.

I don’t really have time, or want to spend my time, researching companies to find a good one, or the right price. If a neighbor or friend referred a company, that would really give that business points in my book. In addition, if I knew that a company was owned and operated by a Christian, that would give it even more points. Why? It’s not that being a Christian business automatically means it’s the best, or the cheapest – but knowing that the work is being done in my house by someone that loves Jesus Christ and upholds Christian values is enough for me to want to choose that business. At least it’s enough for me to give that business a try.

Additionally, as someone that works for a Christian business, I know how we bring our values such as honesty, integrity, and transparency in to our work and I think it’s a safe assumption to think that other Christian business owners would do the same. So, the first reason we started the Christian Business Directory was out of a personal need.

The second reason was to support Christian business owners. After working as a software developer for a dozen years, and finding myself not only out of a job, but unable to get another job – due to my convictions (being pro-life, pro-republican, pro-Jesus and anti-making up pronouns). I started working for a Christian SEO company and got involved in digital marketing. I took on the role of sales and customer acquisition. I was calling around to dozens of businesses and thinking to myself, this is nice – and I still do it and don’t have a problem with it – but I was thinking, I wish I could be helping Christian business owners.

I realize that we didn’t come up with the concept of a Christian Business Directory concept, but clearly since I didn’t really know about it until I started one and started doing research on it, I realized that (no offense) but the ones that exist aren’t that good, or aren’t local. For example, in doing some marketing for this directory, I sent out around 130 emails to Christian business owners and thirty of them bounced back the next day. This means that the Christian business directories aren’t doing due diligence to ensure that the businesses on their site are even still around. Many of the sites I visited were gone and others looked like they were created in the late 2000s. Not good…

Another reason I’m doing this is, as a Christian business owner, to make money to support my family and be charitable. Let’s face it, we all have to earn an income — if we’re not sloths! So, I need money… but I’m not trying to fleece the flock, as they say… instead, I’m trying to support hundreds or thousands of Christian business owners and make a living for my family along the way. We’ve decided to intentionally keep the cost of our service far below the value that Christian business owners will receive when they join.

To that end… at the time of this posting, we’re offering people 3 months for FREE on our directory. ZERO dollars and no cents. We’ll add your Christian business online within 3 days of receiving your application and you’ll begin getting benefits immediately. On a technical side, we’re a reputable website linking to you – which is good for your SEO. Second, we’re currently spending far more than we’re making on advertising to Christians to support Christian business owners. You’ll be part of the launch members of our Christian business directory, and we’ll be forever grateful for your support.

So, what are you waiting for?! Click here to join our Christian Business Directory for free. Use the code 3FREE when you sign up and you’ll be charged exactly zero dollars for three months. Ready? GO!