Introducing ‘on Team Jesus’ – The Ultimate Christian Business Directory!

Hey there, fellow believers and seekers of trusty services with a sprinkle of faith! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of “on Team Jesus,” a Christian business directory that’s all about connecting you with businesses that aren’t just about the bottom line – they’re about faith, integrity, and a big-hearted commitment to following the teachings of Jesus.

Why ‘on Team Jesus’?

It all started with a simple wish from a father of four (yep, that’s me!) who was tired of the runaround when things broke down at home. “Wouldn’t it be awesome,” I thought, “to have a go-to list of Christian businesses that share my values?” And thus, with a high five to my wife and a leap of faith, “on Team Jesus” was born. Why? Because navigating Google for honest, reliable services should be the last of your worries. Plus, I’m busy… I don’t have time to compare a bunch of companies or read reviews. If I know that someone loves Jesus, they automatically get a several-star boost in my decision making.

The Win-Win Deal

Here’s the scoop: By joining “on Team Jesus,” businesses get to be part of something bigger – we call it multiplied marketing. Your small monthly contribution is met with our commitment to spend way more to bring the Christian community right to your digital doorstep. Think of it as casting nets into the digital sea and pulling in folks who value honesty, integrity, and a good ol’ fashioned handshake promise. Plus, you get a backlink boost for your website – which is itself worth something in the world of SEO.

Who’s Invited?

If you love Jesus, agree with God’s Word, and believe in treating others as you’d want to be treated (with a side of grace and redemption), you’re in! “on Team Jesus” is your new home base. We’re talking to handymen, plumbers, hair salon owners, and any service you can think of. Our arms (and directory) are wide open.

The Future is Bright

We’re just at the beginning of our journey, but with a solid plan to spread the word through social media, Christian events, and maybe even before a Sunday morning service, we’re on a mission to build a community that supports one another, not just in prayer, but in every pipe leak and hair trim, too.

Special Offer Alert!

Jumping on board is easier than finding a seat at Sunday service! For just $19 a month (and the first three months on us – use code 3FREE here), you can join our directory. Not feeling the love after six months? No worries – we’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s right, we’re here to make sure it’s a blessing, not a stressin’.

Amen to That!

So, are you ready to join “on Team Jesus” and help spread the love one service at a time? We thought so. Sign up or learn more about how we’re changing the game, one Christian business at a time. Let’s do this, team. Yay and AMEN!

Brandt Dary
Co-Founder, on Team Jesus