14 Q&As Before Joining our Christian Business Directory

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What are the criteria for a business to be listed in the Christian Business Directory?

Short answer: be a real Christian that owns a business. Longer answer, to be listed in our Christian Business Directory on Team Jesus, you need to own a business that aligns with Christian values. It’s all about connecting businesses led by fellow believers with customers who share the same faith. So, if your business reflects Christian principles, you’re exactly who we’re looking for! Just make sure that your business practices and ethics are in line with our Christian beliefs, and you’ll fit right in.

How does the directory ensure that all listed businesses adhere to Christian values?

We’re pretty serious about making sure all the businesses in our Christian Business Directory are on the same page when it comes to Christian values. So, we have a vetting process that checks out each business owner before they get the green light to join us. This talking to the business owner either on the phone or over email or text. Additionally, we ask each christian business owner for two references, one personal and one pastoral. We then speak to those people and try to get a sense of if in fact christian-owned business is legit. If someone spots a business not walking the walk, they can give us a heads-up, and we’ll check it out.

What are the costs associated with listing my business in the directory?

Joining our Christian Business Directory costs just $19 bucks month. We’ve intentionally kept the price affordable because we don’t want it to be a burden for anyone. Our goal is to support Christian businesses and help them thrive without stressing about high costs. So, for less than the price of a few coffee runs, you can get your business listed and start connecting with customers who share your values!

Are there different levels of membership?

Right now, we have a one-size-fits-all membership at $19 a month, keeping it simple and affordable for everyone. But we’re always thinking about how to serve different kinds of businesses better. So, in the future, we might come out with a range of options. This could mean less expensive options for certain types of businesses, or premium options that pack more value for those who need it. Keep an eye out; we are always looking to make things better as the days go on!

How does the directory promote itself to ensure that it reaches potential customers?

We get the word out about our Christian Business Directory mainly through word of mouth and Facebook ads right now. But we’re not stopping there! We’ve got plans to up our online marketing game. Soon, we’ll be hitting other social media platforms like TikTok and making some cool videos. Plus, we’re looking to make some noise at Christian events, like conferences and concerts. It’s all about reaching more people and bringing more value to our community!

Can I list more than one business or service under a single membership?

Generally, our policy is one business per membership to keep things fair and organized. However, we know life’s not always black and white. If you’ve got more than one business or a unique situation, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re real people over here at onTeamJesus, and we’re open to chatting and figuring out something that works for everyone. Flexibility is key, and we’re here to support Christian businesses in the best way we can.

What types of businesses or industries are most successful in this directory?

Our Christian Business Directory is home to a wide variety of standard businesses like plumbers, AC repair companies, auto mechanics, maid services, tax preparation services, accountants, and daycare centers, among others. These businesses thrive in our directory because they’re run by people of faith, for people of faith. While we welcome a diverse range of businesses, including tattoo shops and restaurants that serve alcohol, we ensure that all listed businesses align with Christian values. Our focus is on the faith and integrity of the business owners, ensuring a trustworthy and supportive community for everyone involved.

How can I measure the impact or success of my listing in the directory?

One way to gauge the impact of your listing is by asking new customers how they discovered your business, as we encourage visitors on our site to mention they found you through our directory. While we’re currently exploring additional methods to track success, our low-cost model is designed so that even a single new customer every couple of months can represent significant value. Plus, as our Christian Business Directory grows and we’re able to increase our advertising, your exposure—and potential impact—will only get better. It’s all about creating a supportive cycle that benefits everyone involved.

Is there a community or network aspect to the directory where I can interact with other Christian business owners?

While our Christian Business Directory itself doesn’t currently have a community feature for business owners to interact directly, we do have an active Facebook page. Joining our directory also means you can connect with us on social media. We’ll follow your business page, and from time to time, we might like and share your posts. We hope you’ll do the same for us and other businesses in the directory. It’s a great way to support each other and increase visibility within the Christian business community.

How often can I update my listing information?

We keep the info on our Christian Business Directory minimal on purpose to encourage visitors to check out your own website for the full scoop. But hey, if you’ve got updates or changes to your listing, just reach out to us. We handle updates as they are needed, so there’s no set fee for making changes. We’re here to help make sure your listing reflects your business accurately.

How does the directory handle disputes or complaints between businesses and customers?

We don’t. However, if we notice a pattern of complaints about a particular business, we might reach out to the owner to discuss the situation and decide on the best course of action.

Can I include my business’s social media directly with my listing?

While it’s not something we do by default, we’re open to adding your social media links on your listing upon request. Just reach out to us with your details, and we’ll work with you to get your social media integrated.

Can I include links to social media on my listing?

We’re open to adding your social media links on your listing. Just reach out to us with your details, and we’ll work with you.

What makes this Christian Business Directory different from other business directories or networking groups?

What sets us apart from other directories is our genuine care and dedication. Our co-founder noticed many Christian business directories had outdated information, with businesses that had closed or incorrect contact details. Plus, some of those directories looked like they hadn’t been updated in decades. We’re driven by a passion to support Christian-owned businesses and encourage Christians to support each other through their purchasing decisions. It’s not just about listings for us; it’s about building a community and a platform that truly serves and uplifts.

Why are you waiting to join our Christian Business Directory?

We’re here to help with any questions. If you are thinking about joining, just reach out to us. We’re passionate about supporting Christian-owned businesses and encouraging more Christians to do the same.